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Independent Director / Lighting Desiner / Artist

Fujimoto Takayuki has been an active member of dumb type since 1987 and designed lights for the company's production "S/N", "OR", "memorandum", and "Voyage". Other artists he has worked with include Ryoji Ikeda, Daniel Yeung, Ea Sola. In recent years, he has been focusing on using LED lighting projectors for theatre productions.He collaborated with "Monochrome Circus" in "Refined Colors"; a dance performance that focuses on the simple and direct play of body, sound and LED lights. Also he collaborated with Choy Ka Fai in DriftNet at TheatreWorks/Singapore 2007 too. Takayuki constantly seeks to explore the use of digital technology as a means of direct interaction with the performers, to create a sense of immediacy and contact in the performance.

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