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Born 1983. Has released a number of works on the Japanese Headz label and other music platforms in and outside Japan, including OK Bamboo (2007), Pop Ooga (2008) and wannapunch! (2010). Recently expanded his field of activity, creating music for stage productions, movies and fashion shows, but also hosting workshops and lectures. Also lauched "Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra" and "Team Shuta Hasunuma", two further additions to his array of projects reinvestigating forms of music, and indicating possibilities of music-based communication, with the aim to establish new values regarding the abundance of our environment. In 2011, Hasunuma produced music for an exhibition at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, and will unveil the fruits of a collaboration with movie director Natsuki Seta at the "Spectacle on the Bay" event in Yokohama. An exhibition of his latest work at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo is scheduled for December.

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