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Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Orchestra

This jazz orchestra is one of Otomo's main projects that has developed from ONJQ (Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Quintet), which he formed in 1999 in order to pursue jazz music, one of his roots. At present, it is a large group with 11 people +α in all, and it has been boldly challenging a new approach to the manners of free jazz, trying improvisations after the "onkyo" movement, and innovatively fuse them with elements of "song." In 2005, ONJO released two albums, "ONJO" featuring Kahimi Karie and Mariko Hamada as vocalists, and "Out To Lunch" that covers all pieces in Eric Dolphy's fine album. Later, the group toured different parts in the world with various guest members. The tour is recorded in "LIVE Vol.1 series circuit" and "Vol.2 parallel circuit," a set of two live albums released in summer 2007. The group is now on the second stage in pursuit of possibilities of a new band ensemble.

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