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Noritoshi HIRAKAWA


Born 1960 in Japan. Active as an artist since 1988, moved to New York in 1993. His work encompassing such varied formats as photography, video, dance, installation and performance has been showcased in over 300 exhibitions worldwide at venues including Centre Pompidou, Museum Of Modern Art Frankfurt, PS1, and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Through his works challenging individual perception, Hirakawa addresses such topics as physicality, gender, sexuality, and art itself while focusing on restrictions and taboos brought along by social systems. He produced two films for director Lawrence Weiner in 2008-2010. Through his activities as an artist, producer and curator, he has been suggesting new human knowledge, an expansion of perception, and social systems with an eye to future cultural evolution. Is recently broadening his scope of activity to people around the world that share a common awareness with "TODAY IS THE DAY", a visionary foundation set up in Hiroshima with the aim to create possible models for the world of tomorrow.

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