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Engineer / Artist

Born 1975. Graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Control and Systems Engineering, and from the IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences. In addition to producing artworks utilizing digital media, he engages in the creation of anything that is innovative, entertaining and technology-based, as well as in other protocol-themed development and production work. Established his company DGN in 2006. Has been in charge of interface design, device planning and programming for corporate enterprises and fashion brands' lounges, as well as the development and production of exhibition systems at science museums and other facilities. Has been co-running the research and production space "4nchor5 la6" since 2008, while energetically pursuing his creative work across such varied fields as art, design, research and performance. Many of his works have been selected as special recommendations by the review committee of the Japan Media Arts Festival in the past.

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