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Solo project of Yuji Inoue, born 1976. Made his debut with the album "Wyhiwyg" (Flyrec) in 2003. Received good reviews in Japan and abroad, including an 8.4 point rating on the media website "Pitchfork". Has performed with the likes of Taylor Deupree & Christopher Willits, Gell: & Discom, CEX and Bogdan Raczynski at their respective concerts in Japan. In 2004, he toured around Europe and Russia, playing in a total of ten cities in six countries, and lecturing at St. Petersburg State University of Film & TV. Since around the same time, he has been composing music for contemporary dance and butoh pieces by Tsuyoshi Shirai, Kim Ito, Maki Morishita, and others, which was released on CD in 2006 under the title "Dance Music" (Weather/Headz). In 2009, the result of a new experiment with 13 performers was released in the form of an entertainment piece titled "Opera" (EWE/Body Electric Records).

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