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Akihiro KUBOTA

Sound and Software Artist

Akihiro Kubota (Dr.Eng. Artist/Designer/Engineer/Performer etc.) is a professor of the Art & Media Course, in the Department of Information Deisgn at Tama Art University. He has been exploring the world of hybrid creation which crosses and combines various domains. Most recently he has been investigating projects such as satellite art (artsat.jp), biomedia art (bioart.jp), digital fabrication (fablabjapan.org), social material (monofactory.nakadai.co.jp) and sound performance using DIY instruments (hemokosa.com). His recent works include "materialAV" (2003) at ICC Tokyo, "Connected Spaces" at NIME06 Paris and "Algorithmic Free Improvisation: Prepared & Processed Guitar Performance" (2009) at Culture Lab, Newcastle University.

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