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How "Googling" reveals the connection between society and media

This workshop was designed to examine the technical mechanisms of Internet "search engines", along with historical backgrounds and effects on society generated through their capacities as media.
Utilizing search engines for "searching" information has become an everyday activity in today's society. While algorithms determining the order of displayed search results are having significant impact on business activities, the emanation and searchability of personal information on the Internet has made us increasingly aware of the growing importance of "searching" in daily life, including the obvious risk of being individually monitored and censored.
Participants in this workshop played several different games simulating the processes of a search engine's integral functions of finding websites that match the respective search keywords, and determining the display order of search results. While gaining an understanding of the mechanisms of search engines through the experience of these games, the participants developed a panoramic view of the correlation between searching and social life.
2010 -



Organized by:

  • Yamaguchi City Foundation for Cultural Promotion

In association with:

  • Yamaguchi City
  • Yamaguchi City Board of Education

Co-developed with

  • YCAM InterLab

Produced by:

  • Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]
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