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scopic measure #6
sight seeing spot

Ken'ichi Hagiwara

Photo by Shunsuke Takawo

Volume 6 of the "scopic measure" series introducing promising young artists' installations and other pioneering projects challenging the frontiers of art introduced photo/video artist Ken’ichi Hagihara's work "sight seeing spot".
September 29, 2007 - January 14, 2008
Gallery second floor


sight seeing spot

Ken'ichi Hagihara


sight seeing spot

Ken'ichi Hagihara

This video work focuses on the minute actions of a photographic subject during a portrait photo shooting.
The artist installed a self-timed portrait photo machine - much like a so-called "purikura" - with a built-in full-HD video camera at tourist spots, to film for 30 seconds each the various behavior of customers fine-tuning their facial expressions and appearance prior to the actual portrait shooting. The resulting video footage of 150 people in total was shown while switching between multiple large liquid crystal displays. Through high-definition video images of the subjects' actions, spectators get a firsthand glimpse of the human mind that unconsciously tries to attain the ideal self-image.

[The concept and purpose of this work were not revealed to the subjects at the time of filming, but explained to the respective persons afterwards. Footage was only published after receiving permission and consent of portrait rights in each case.]



Organized by:

  • Yamaguchi City Foundation for Cultural Promotion

In association with:

  • Yamaguchi City
  • Yamaguchi City Board of Education

Co-developed with:

  • YCAM InterLab

Produced by:

  • Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]
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